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eTrekAdventure eBike Tours
Offering the very best in eBike Adventure Tours in Sedona
Let us be your guide on an adventure with eTrekAdventure Tours!

Immerse yourself in an experience that rejuvenates the mind and body. We offer exciting, quality eBike adventure tours to suit every fitness level from young to older and every where in between.

Perfect for families and groups!

Without a doubt, our eBikes are suitable for many ages. We recommend for children, based on height and ability – age 10+. If they are capable at riding a bike, but short on stature – consider one of our City Step-Thru eBikes as they are easy to get on and off. Check out all the specifications at Our eBikes.

Brand new to eBikes?

If you’re new to eBikes, no worries unquestionably, as our certified guides will walk you through all safety and operations of the ebike you choose for your tour. Without a doubt, your safety and enjoyment are the ultimate goal we strive for to give you the best experience possible!

Booking online is easy, secure and convenient.

Call our toll free number or click the calendar icon(on tour page) to schedule a tour on the dates you want(subject to availability). Our half-day tours which range 2-3 hours complete duration with 1-2 hours of ride time broken up by sightseeing stops, breaks and scenic photo outlooks.

Are you new visitor to the Sedona Area?

Furthermore, if you’re a new visitor to the area, we highly recommend one of our eBike adventure tours as a great way in a short time, to get to see the major sites. In addition, be sure to check out all of the info specific to each tour – we give you the tour route, duration, detailed description along with what you need to bring and what to expect.

Make it a Private Party Tour!

Make your tour a Private Party Tour at checkout or let us know if calling to book for only $99 per booking(minimum [2] tickets). Perfect for special occasions or if you just want the tour all to yourselves! Our tours book up to [6] tickets normally, call if you have a larger group and we’ll do our best to accommodate your party.

In case you still have questions?

Check out our FAQ page for insights and info. Still have questions – give us a call toll free (833) 238-6887

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Meet Our Pro-staff Team of Guides
electric ebike tour guide sedona arizona
Guide and e-Biker Extraordinaire

Jonathan Keaton

electric ebike tour guide sedona arizona
Outdoorsman, Artist and Guide

Jason Wolbert

ebike rentals and adventure tours
Offering the very best in eBike Adventure Tours
electric ebike tour guide cpr
Certified CPR

Our Guides are certified annually in CPR training to ensure your safety and well-being should the need arise

electric ebike tour guide first aid
Certified First Aid

Our Guides are certified in First Aid training to ensure your safety in the unlikely event of an emergency

electric ebike tour guide certified
Wilderness Knowledgable

Rest easy as our guides bring over 30 of combined experience in outdoor adventure travel and touring