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Sedona AZ

SEDONA, Arizona

Broken Arrow Route

eTrekAdventures / Broken Arrow Route
Broken Arrow ebike route

Broken Arrow Route

Route Description

eTrekAdventures Broken Arrow Route for e-bikes in Sedona offers plenty of opportunities to apply your gravel-riding skills on sandstone steps, drops and even a natural Merry-Go-Round.

At the start, this ride follows a popular Jeep trail that quickly becomes a Red Rock wonderland with names like Chicken Point, Submarine Rock and the notorious White Line.

All in all, this route is extremely fun to ride and the red rock scenery is knock-out beautiful. For this reason, it is an extremely popular route, and one that we really like.

The views of Sedona in the distance and the Mongolian Rim surrounding you are simply stunning. By all means, use caution around blind curves as this route is narrow and is shared with Jeeps, 4x4s and ATV’s

Intermediate to expert riders – recommended pedal assist level (PAS) setting of 2-3 – up to 5 or full throttle on step ascents.

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electric ebike tour sedona broken arrow

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Broken Arrow Route Photos
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