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eTrekAdventures opens for business on Valentines Day 2020

It’s Electric Baby!  That’s right eTrekAdventures is open for business – Valentine’s Day 2020

It’s been a lot of hard work and planning, but here we finally are, flying by the seat of our, well – new fleet of eBikes!

Jonathan Keaton and Jason Wolbert owners and creators of eTrekAdventures Sedona, LLC have finally done it.  That’s right, after much brain-storming, planning, blood sweat and tears, they’ve finally landed their eBike rental and adventure tour business in no other place than, well – Sedona, AZ.

Jonathan traveled through the Sedona area a little over five years ago and was so impressed with the beauty and the landscapes, that he decided to call it home. With a successful Airbnb business to his credit, now going over two years, it only made sense to start another business that he and partner Jason had been toying with for some time now – electric bikes or eBikes!

It’s electric baby!  Jon and Jason having been avid cyclists since they were kids. “My bike just took me places I wanted to go and have fun adventures, exploring the wild and going further than my feet could take me.” remarks Jason.

Jon and Jason met in their young adult lives and the immediate love of mountain biking found the two often out in the woods on a trail, or should I say, “making trails” as many times there were none to be had. “I remember the early days,” says Jon.  We’d often be bush-whacking a leg of a trail through some thick, unforgivable under-brush just so we could create a loop or complete a route. It was always rewarding to, not only then ride those new routes ourselves, but to share them with friends and eventually to the general public who would soon discover them.”

With years of mountain bike riding and racing under their belts and many adventure trips to boot, these to entrepreneurs have put their money where they think the future of biking is going to be.

“eBikes are so fun!” exclaims Jason. “I mean, your’e talking about the best of both worlds where human-power meets hi-tech.” The eBikes are taking the world and the cycling industry by storm. Jon and Jason really believe that in the years to come, eBikes will be big-time main stream in all of the major cities and travel destinations in the U.S..

“What we love about the eBikes is that there is a fitness level for everyone, and we love giving people the chance to experience a ride for themselves. I don’t think you could pick a better place to ride an eBike right now than Sedona, AZ.” says Jon.

With all that said and the future of eBikes looking bright, eTrekAdventures is answering the call – the call for the very best in eBike rentals and adventure tours!

We’d like to give a special thanks on this Valentines Day weekend to the owner and operator of Rancho Sedona RV Park – Margret Frey for letting us setup a small kiosk to let the local folks and patrons see what riding an eBike is all about.  Stop by and book a rental or schedule a tour of your own.  It’ll be well worth the trip – we guarantee it!



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