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ETA Resellers

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Why become an ETA Reseller?
The Benefits of becoming an eTrekAdventures Reseller
No Overhead

It’s easy when there’s no overhead!

eTrekAdventures typically bears the cost and provides for all marketing materials. Our materials speak clearly to our current offerings with easy to read rates, promotions and discounts.

All equipment is routinely sterilized for customer safety. In addition, we personalize safety and equipment review before each rental and tour.

We also supply and maintain all eBikes on a demand basis, delivered directly to your customers for all eBike rentals. For scheduled tours, we handle everything from start to finish- we do all the heavy lifting!

No Liability

That’s right – there’s no liability to you or your current business. eTrekAdventures is fully insured specifically for eBike rental and tour activities for both customer liability and property.

Our certified guides are trained in First Aid, CPR and are wilderness knowledgeable should a need ever arise.

Reseller requests for insurance certificates available as applicable.

Minimal Requirements

Let our expertly designed rack cards and POS standee cutouts do all the work in creating interest for your current customers. Guaranteed to get attention and become a talking point.

Become a Reseller Agent with an easy on-boarding process and direct booking access to our web-based login portal.

Additional Income Stream

Easily add an additional income stream to your business. Every business can use a boost in revenue!

eBikes are fast becoming one of the largest growing markets in the US today, representing a multi-million dollar industry, with an 8-fold growth in the last 6 years.

With eTrekAdventures you won’t want to miss adding this to your current offerings – you’ll be pleased with the returns and your customers will thank you!

Add unique business offering

Our business platform is a suitable addition to many business models. If you’ve got lots of customer traffic and a good client base, then don’t miss this opportunity to add an eTrekAdventures offering.

eTrekAdventures ebike rentals and tours are eco-friendly, practical transportation, great for all fitness ages, loads of fun, and one of the best ways to experience the amazing sights around the Sedona area. With so many selling points, it’s a win-win for all!

Easy Commission payouts

With our web-based Pro booking platform and business specific tracking codes, you are sure to receive your monthly commission payouts on time. Bi-monthly(every two weeks) payouts can be requested(certain restrictions apply).

For Reseller agents, your bookings are 100% transparent with our business booking login portal.

a B2B that works!

We bring customers to your business doorstep! – At eTrekAdventures, we are committed to both our customers and our reseller partners!

Ask about our affiliate program and gain more traction for your business with co-branding and addition advertising for your business.

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