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Easy to use Trail and Route Data

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eTrekAdventures Routes with GPX data
Get the routes and navigational data for self-guided adventures

eTrekAdventures is proud to offer all of our guests who are adventure bound a great way to view, plan and navigate the local availability of a region area trails and routes with loads of viable data that is easy to use on your mobile device.

Below is an introduction of two apps that we use to map and navigate eTrekAdventure Routes for our guided and self-guided tours(rentals)*.

Simply navigate to any of our Route links to view each route with it’s detailed information. Click on the interactive map showing the route powered by TrailForks.  Click to download the route’s GPX data and use GPX Viewer app to open and navigate the route. GPX Viewer will actually navigate you to the start point of each route to begin your ride and from there you can simply follow the route on your mobile device.

All of our eBikes come standard with a RAM handlebar phone mount and charging power is easily had by plugging into the USB port on the main display, center of the handlebar.

TrailForks is your mobile companion for trail maps, trail and route status and conditions. We use TrailForks to map our routes and design our adventure tours.

GPX Viewer is the ultimate GPS locator, GPS tracks viewer, analyzer, recorder, tracker and simple navigation tool for your adventure trips and outdoor activities. We highly recommend using this app to navigate our route GPX data downloads.

**Disclaimer – eTrekAdventures does not receive any compensation for recommending these apps. We use them and recommend them, because they’re free and work great.

electric ebike tour routes apps
TrailForks App
Get the best interactive maps for your eTrekAdventure!

Take the uncertainty out of planning your eTrekAdventure – browse photos, videos, reviews, popularity, conditions & stats then plan a ride on detailed trail maps managed by locals & trail associations. We highly recommend for any outdoor adventuring, becoming a TrailForks Member today. It’s a free open-source app built around a community of outdoor activities – Check out their video on this page!

GPX Viewer App
Get the GPX Viewer app to navigate eTrekAdventures GPX data routes

If you want feature rich GPX Viewer that is also a tool for simple navigation, online maps, GPS locator, GPS tracks viewer, trip stats viewer and other useful features, then GPX Viewer is the best app we’ve come across that’s free(Android version) and loaded with features!Check out their video here on this page for a preview!

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