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Soldiers Pass Route

eTrekAdventures / Soldiers Pass Route
electric ebike tour sedona soldiers pass

Soldiers Pass Route

Route Description

eTrekAdventures Soldiers Pass Route for eBikes. This ride starts off at a leisure pace through Soldiers Pass neighborhood with close up views of Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain.

Upon arriving at the parking lot there is an option of locking your eBike and hiking to Devils Kitchen, the Seven Sacred Pools and continuing on Soldiers Pass trail to the saddle and back. (Approx. 2 miles one way.)

For the advanced rider, you can opt to continue past the parking lot around the gate and follow the jeep road which will also take you past Devil’s Kitchen, an ancient collapsed cave that has left a deep sinkhole, nestled at the base of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a large rock formation posing a beautiful backdrop for many a photo op.

Continuing along you’ll arrive at the Seven Sacred Pools. There’s a large pool at the top that spills into six smaller pools. The ride culminates at the end of saddle with spectacular views of the Secret Canyon Wilderness. Please remember eBikes are not permitted on the hiking trails or were posted.

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Amazing scenery and views along the way we think you'll love

View from Soldiers Pass route

electric ebike tour sedona soldiers pass

View of Soldiers Pass Trail

electric ebike tour sedona soldiers pass

Soldiers Pass Trail

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