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At eTrekAdventures we pride ourselves on delivering the very best in eBike rentals and tours. Our rental eBikes are well suited for the types of terrain and riding you can experience in our adventure locations. Booking online is easy, convenient and secure. Book months in advance to plan your trip. Pickup or delivery options are available for your convenience. Be sure to check out all the details to self-guide your rental rides with our easy to use GPX data routes – navigate to the start of your ride as well as the full ride itself.  Get ride times, distance, elevation, etc.  Everything you need to confidently get your adventure underway!

Enjoy an epic tour on one of our easy to ride eBike models, through one of the most scenic areas Sedona has to offer. Areas of interest include Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross. Our shorter version of the full Village of Oak Creek day tour.

Village of Oak Creek - Half-Day Tour

Definitely coming back!

Me and my wife did an hour rental while in Sedona. We had a blast. The owner Jonathan was awesome. Definitely coming back next time we're in Sedona!

Blake F.

What a great guide!

We had an excellent ride with Jonathan doing the Red Rock Loop. I loved this ride and the views were amazing!

Julie E.

First time on an eBike!

The electric bikes were such a great way to explore Sedona! We flew by Sedona traffic and bypassed the crowded parking lots and were able to see so many sights in one day!

Julie and Reet S.